Hello world!

A fitting title for an introductory blog post. 


A type of informational content that is as outdated as an iPod.

In all my advanced years I’ve never actually written anything that resembles a blog for my website or any other platform. I struggle to write captions for my Instagram posts; how many effing words do I have to write per blog post to please the Algorithm gods? And there is still that hashtags dilemma!


Algorithm gods

Arbitrary, insatiable, goal-changing beings whose asses you have to kiss, lick etc. in order to be anything in any capacity in our current world..



If images are worth a thousand words, why the eff do I need captions!!!!

 (This is probably not an original quote, note to self, to find reference)



Do they? Don’t they? Yet another decision the Algo gods can’t make.


An Actual Introduction.

This is my “blog” which I hope by sharing every time I do some cool shit, will please the algo gods enough to pull my work and content out from the great abyss that is the internet to page one on your feed or search.

Maybe then I will finally get paid for my efforts and justify what I pay to keep this site up.

Maybe then, I will truly matter!

To do this I will have to share my work, share my work of me “sharing my work”, then, share my work “of me sharing my work “sharing my work” !  wtf… These Algo gods are high maintenance.

Here’s hoping I can keep up and keep it up. The alternative is to drown myself in a barrel of whiskey. The latter sounds promising!

Obviously if I start to shit gold, I’ll definitely go back to being a lazy sod.

Later nerds!